HF Propagation

Buy your Personal QSL Cards from UX5UO Ukraine.


Contact details are:

Gennady V. Treus (UX5UO)
Kyiv-113, 03113
Mobile phone: +38 066 351-9597 (24/7)
Home phone: +38 044 450-3752
E-mail: ux5uo@ux5uoqsl.com, ux5uo@ukr.net
Skype: ub5uko

Would you like to get in to Amateur Radio?

if so the link below will take you to a online training course


Local ADS-B Flight Tracking Receiver

Uses a Raspberry Pi Zero with an RTL-SDR dongle, both installed together in a 40mm PVC pipe and powered from 5vdc in the loft of G1IVG.

Click Here to Track Flights

Getting Started with CW by Andy G0SFJ

Below are three MP3 files created by club member Andy Thomas (G0SFJ) to get you started with learning CW.  Paul G0SFJ and Colin G1IVG are trying to learn the code, so don't be afraid have a go with the files below and together with Andy's support we should be able to make a short QSO using CW before too long. 

Lesson 1    (10 mins)

Lesson 2    (15mins)

Lesson 3    (15 mins)

DMR Repeater GB7WV located in Mkt Harborough

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