10.14004MHz QRSS Beacon

100mw into a loaded dipole in the loft.

QTH = Market Harborough, IO92NL (G1IVG)

G1IVG's signal received on DL4DLT's online QRSS grabber in South Germany.


G1IVG's signal received on IK1WVQ's online QRSS grabber in Italy. 


G1IVG's signal received on W1BW online QRSS grabber in USA.

G1IVG's QRSS 30m Beacon

The transmitter is a kit from http://www.hanssummers.com/qrsskit.html is possibly the best 10 I have spent.  The kit can easily made in one evening and no special equipment is required to get it running.

I have mounted the TX at the centre of a homebrew dipole in the loft of my house.  To make the dipole I used a program that calculated the dimensions for a simple loaded dipole.  My loft is just 8m long and I decided to make a loaded dipole that would hang horizontal and just fit the 8m available.  Each leg of the dipole is made up of a 2m length of 0.5mm wire going into loading coil and then another 2m length to the tip of the dipole

Software to calculate a loaded dipole



Only with 8mW

IO92NL to JO10ux


As viewed in Belgium 3pm on the1st May 2011


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Hans Summers